The DFB Period Table is a free educational app for iPhone and iPad, perfect for students from grade school through high school. Explore the elements with this introduction to the periodic table's blocks, groups, periods and families. The app presents basic information about the atom, its nucleus, electron shell and the ways in which elements bond together. Landscape only.

The main menu above the table allows you to explore the periods, groups, families and blocks of the periodic table of elements. The home screen indicates the groups by color from left to right as the number of valence electrons increases. Tapping an element from the home screen or the groups screen presents the information card for the element.

The families button is context-sensitive and cycles through three screens of different family arrangements. Tapping an element from the blocks, periods, or family screen presents you with information for an element's block, period or family and the important distinctions within each category.

On iPad both app menus appear above the table. 

If you are working on an iPhone 6, 7, or 8, the bento button in the upper right-hand corner allows you to cycle between the main and secondary menu.

The alphabetic list of elements and their basic attributes is accessible by the A-Z button. All columns, (accept for the temperature column)  can be displayed in forward or reverse order by tapping the column title.

Please report bugs, problems, or suggestions for improvement here.

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