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Available for all iOS devices, portrait only.

Break out Berry, break out Kernel, Chaffie and Hops. Free them from their prison cells. Freeing the glutens isn't easy, they are caged again and again at each level in increasingly impenetrable fortresses. Play up to 15 levels. The highest score to date is: 13350, with all glutens freed and all stones smashed. Adjust the power of the balls with a swipe, break the stones, break the cages!


Available for all iOS devices, in all orientations.

This free 12-tone Matrix Calculator is perfect for musicians who wish to experiment with melody and harmony using the techniques of 'atonal' tone rows. The Post Tonal Calculator allows you to choose notes or generate them randomly, explore sequences of intervals as short as 3 tones and as longs as a twelve-tone tone row.

The serial row matrix is generated for you. Above the matrix,  the selected row and column are displayed with intervals and the direction of the intervals. You can toggle between numerical and letter representations of tones.


Available for all iOS devices, in landscape only.

The DFB Period Table is a free educational app for iPhone and iPad, perfect for students from grade school through high school. Explore the elements with this introduction to the periodic table's blocks, groups, periods and families. The app presents basic information about the atom, its nucleus, electron shell and the ways in which elements bond together.


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SlowTalk for iPhone


Random Poet 


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